I think I’m hooked…

Ok, I admit it, a big TV is really nice. But before, I was the first to say it was a waste of money. It was a status symbol. It said a lot about people’s priorities when a huge flat screen was the center of the family room.

Well, I’m singing a new tune. It was a gift, so I have to like it, right? I never thought I really watched a lot of TV. I recorded shows to watch when I had extra time. But going from 32” to 50” is amazing! I know, I’m gushing. But I’m really enjoying really being able to see what I’m watching. I know there are bigger ones, 3D ones and curved ones, so this is probably still considered a basic model, but it’s working for me!

My priorities haven’t changed and I don’t watch too much more TV than I did before. But I do enjoy it more now.

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What is it like to be her?

How does she get anywhere, much less, get anything done?

Paying the check is an ordeal. Everything has to come out of the purse. Unzip the hidden pouches. Check all her pockets. No wallet.

Just like her house keys and car keys. Nowhere to be found.

I don’t understand how she can live that way. It’s the way her brain is wired. She’s cloudy without the meds. And remembering to call the doctor to renew the meds is hard when you’re out of meds. Cruel irony to need a medicine that requires a monthly renewal with a doctor’s signed prescription when you have memory issues.

Life is so simple for most of us. But not everyone. Not her.

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Alone versus Lonely

Yes, I’ve been alone most of this past week. My son has been out of town, a glimpse of what soon will be the norm as he heads off to college in the fall.

It was just me, the cat and the quiet. Of course, I haven’t stayed home for the nine days, not even one of them. I haven’t not been around people, even if for just a small part of the day.

I appreciate every part of my day. The aloneness and the togetherness. The quiet and the calm, interjected with occasional chatter, movement.

Is it okay to be happy and alone? The expectation is that I am lonely. Am I? I do yearn for companionship, which is part of what drives me to yoga daily and to schedule dinner with a friend. Or an afternoon movie. Or just drinks and conversation.

So yes, I’m alone and I’m happy. Go figure!

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My break is winding down…

Sad to say that this is the last weekend of Spring Break for me. It has been amazingly slow-paced, quiet, and productive in so many ways. Yes, my list of 25 things only has seven left to be done. Yes, my house is back in shape to handle the last ten weeks of school. And yes, I am mentally and physically reinvigorated. I can handle anything (for a while).

Everyone knows how important it is to take break, especially teachers. We are on a constant overload, 24-7, when school is in session. So nine days straight of my own time to schedule as I wanted, to wake up and work on my list, or sleep in and work on my self. I loved it!

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I’ve never even seen a mountain…

I didn’t think about it very much at the time he said it. Yeah, I guess a lot of people haven’t seen a mountain. We live in central Texas on the edge of the Hill Country, but mountains they aren’t. This young kid was fresh out of high school, four months into a minimum wage job which he was happy to have.

The more I thought about it, the more I reflected on the privileged life I, and probably most of us, lead. Yes, I’ve seen mountains. Skied on them, flew over them, even the Alps. I’ve had access to the world since I was sixteen. I didn’t come from a wealth, but my dad took an overseas job which opened the universe to our family.

I have seen and experienced amazing things on five continents. I went to college and graduate school. And I had the luxury to stay home when my children were young to nurture their growth.

There are so many others who don’t have the opportunities I have had. I watched McFarland USA yesterday, a sports biopic about a man who coaches migrant kids into becoming a state championship cross-country team in the late 1980’s. I’d highly recommend it for a great story that is very well-told.

Often it takes a champion, someone who can speak for those who are less fortunate. And sometimes just someone who can listen and learn to understand what their lives are like can make a huge difference. Something to remember as we move throughout our daily lives.

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Bluebonnets! Spring is Here!!

I took my first Bluebonnet picture today.

1st BluebonnettIf you’re not from Texas you might not understand the excitement of that. The first ones are loners, just one or two, here and there. But you know that more are coming and soon there will be solid blue fields beckoning you to pull over. To stop your journey, for just a few moments to record the beauty that you’ll swear is much better than last year.

Spring comes with the flowers. The wild flowers that resist the over eager mowers, coming up sometimes in the most peculiar places. But always eager to share their glory, even if it is for only a short time before summer’s heat crushes their enthusiasm.

I took my first Bluebonnet picture today, but not my last.

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Casual Conversations

I had the most amazing conversation with a grease monkey today. Well, I guess that’s what he wanted to be. He worked at the place I took my car to for an oil change. He had the job of transporting me to and from my house while others were working on my car. I discovered a lot about him on those short trips.

He’s about to move into his first apartment and worried about how he’s going to eat healthy since he doesn’t know how to cook. He was also worried about making all the decisions on his own. This young kid sweetly mentioned how he always asks his mom’s opinion about what he should do.

I also learned that he loved to write when he was in high school! He talked about reading a couple of books that made him want to write like those authors. I couldn’t wait to hear what the books were. The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald and The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway. Talk about an unexpected response! He had even read Gatsby five times.

He talked about wanting to write again. I didn’t hesitate to share about blogging and how easy it was to get started. I don’t know how serious he was, but he said he was going to start tonight. He truly sounded excited about the possibility. It just goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover or a person by his job.

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