Tired, oh so tired…

Tired from a successful day, items crossed off the list, busy from the moment I got up.

Tired of hearing about people being mean to each other, tweeting outrageous comments because a woman dared to speak up.

Tired of elected officials acting like uneducated fools, speaking on issues they are not experts in.

Tired of people, especially children, being killed by their own family’s guns.

Tired of hard-fought social gains being taken away piece by piece, step by step.

Tired of feeling like I am helpless against these injustices, there are so many; more each day and they are worse and worse.

Tired, but not so tired, that I won’t get up tomorrow and try again. Eventually they’ll be more tired than me.


About tammyyoga

I am 50+ and mostly proud of it! This is the half-way point of my life. I hunger for knowledge in many different areas. I want to go into the next half with continued good health including physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
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4 Responses to Tired, oh so tired…

  1. This is a wonderful reflection and Zi particularly love the hopeful, inspired way you end the reflection. thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m with you on so many of these things. You know what I’m tired of? Breaking news alerts about shootings and hostage-takings. This madness needs to stop!

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