Snow Day, What Do I Do With Myself?

Ok, it’s not really a snow day. I live in central Texas so it’s a The Weather Man Says There Will Ice Overnight and We’re Afraid There Might Still Be Some When School Starts Day. We do everything big here in Texas!

My first thought was how wonderful it will be to sleep late. Then I thought about all the school work I could catch up on:  grading, emails, report card comments, planning, the list didn’t end. That’s when I stopped to think about how this unexpected day off is a gift. But one that will indeed be returned later when I have to work on a previously planned holiday. So I started rethinking how I might spend it.

Sleeping late is a given and I’m already having a nice drink over ice and thinking about some TV time. My brain can’t help but make a mental list of all the undone household tasks that should have already been completed weeks ago. I also thought about going to the movies because I’m not counting on any ice sticking around past noon!

The reality is that if I do some school work, the next day will be that much easier. There’s no way we’ll have two days off for weather. A catch-up day isn’t a bad thing.

On the other hand, our campus is working on becoming a Lighthouse School following the Seven Habits from Covey. Sharpening the Saw is my favorite one:  taking care of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually so you can be your best in every way. I’ve missed yoga class since Sunday, so I’m going to make sure I squeeze that in. I started to say I’ll write that into my schedule, but I should give myself the gift of not scheduling a day for a change. Relax, enjoy what happens.

I know this is more of a regular occurrence in the north. I also know if it was really snow, I’d plan on getting out in it and enjoying a walk. It could be I’ll really be trapped by ice if the weather man’s dreams come true. Looks I’m open to anything including your suggestions, as long as I can wear my pajamas!

I just saw today’s quote for the Slice of Life Story Challenge and it answers all my questions!

“Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson


About tammyyoga

I am 50+ and mostly proud of it! This is the half-way point of my life. I hunger for knowledge in many different areas. I want to go into the next half with continued good health including physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
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11 Responses to Snow Day, What Do I Do With Myself?

  1. Michelle N says:

    I was interested in your post about weather, because here in Chicago we are a bit weather obsessed! It takes 12 inches of snow here to close down schools but snow is way more fun than ice.

    • tammyyoga says:

      I know, we’re so silly here about the possibilities of ice. We don’t have equipment to handle it and few drivers with experience in it, so the theory is we’re better off if we stay home! Of course the risk when the schools close is that maybe nothing will happen!

  2. Jen says:

    I recently had eight snow days and after the first day or two, I was at such loose ends, even though I had a to-do list that seemed to go on forever. I need to post the Emerson quote somewhere handy!

  3. Yes! It is a delayed start for us out in west Texas too! I’m hoping for a “snow day” too but I doubt we’ll get one. I was wondering the other day about our delays though. You know people in the North go to school when it snows. They can’t just cancel for every snow day. What is that like? We see a dusting of white and throw in the towel. What would we do if we got a real snow?!

    • tammyyoga says:

      I wish they had just called a delayed start instead of the whole day, now we’ll have to make it up. If it really snowed we wouldn’t know what to do!!

  4. Mindi Rench says:

    Another Chicagoan here…. I’d much rather have a foot of snow than a half-inch of ice. I hope you were able to enjoy your day and take some time to recharge those batteries. It’s so important to do, but so easy to neglect.

  5. bayouwarrior says:

    I hear ya! I had to take a sick day today. I don’t really feel sick, but got to do what the doctor said! I only did two hours of schoolwork and
    I went to Kirtan tonight (Naad Yoga). Not bad for a hyperactive, over zealous teacher!

  6. Susan says:

    Good for you for taking time for yourself! Sometimes that’s really hard to do. No hope of a snow day here in sunny (??) Seattle!

  7. GirlGriot says:

    I hope you had a great “gift day,” Tammy! I love hearing you process the possibilities, and I love where you came down in the end. We’ve only had one snow day in New York this winter. And, too, I no longer work in a school setting, so I’m still expected to work when there’s snow. Of all the things I miss about teaching, I never thought snow days would be one! 🙂

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