It started out about my daughter, but ended up being about my mom…

smore-cupcake_300We made cupcakes together. Not just any cupcakes, but S’mores Cupcakes, from scratch. My daughter texted me about them and I found the recipe in Real Simple so I gathered the necessary supplies prior to her arrival. It felt like she had a million questions that night. Is this right? Where should I put this? What should I do next? I was starting to lose my patient, loving feelings for my daughter who had within the last year graduated from a top university in our nation’s capital.

Yes, the eggs were expired. But no I didn’t know how bad the vanilla smelled until it was too late. When we combined the stick butter with the spread, we probably had close to the right amount. Amazingly the kitchen wasn’t as messy as it should have been with the multitude of ingredients. The interesting part came when the marshmallows came out of the oven. They were a lovely expansion of white with a bit of a tan. As they cooled, they flattened out, but were still beautiful. At least until we started trying to pry them from the parchment paper to put on top of the cupcake glazed with a wonderful chocolate ganache!

We pulled and prodded until each marshmallow pulled loose, but then it would get stuck to our fingers. Then we would get stuck to each other as we tried to help one another. Then it happened. I couldn’t help it. We were laughing, yes, but then my body took control and refused to stop.  It was like a Lucy and Ethel moment.  We could have been on the candy line shoving chocolates into our bras to hide our mistakes. The goo that ended up on top of the cupcakes in no way resembled the lovely pillow it started out as. Who would want to eat this after we mangled the topping? Of course we had to try one to see what it was like.


Have you ever dropped sand in your cake batter? It was more like a gritty piece of cornbread than a light, airy treat. Think about what it’s like when you are making S’mores at a campfire, sometimes you drop your ingredients and get a little dirt in things. But you eat it anyway because it’s so wonderful with the melted chocolate and gooey marshmallow. Well, this cupcake wasn’t worth eating any more of at all.

Even funnier, we had planned on taking them to my parents house the next day as a treat. We were too embarrassed to even share them with family. But when we arrived in the late afternoon, I spied them in the kitchen, sitting on a cooling rack. It was them, the cupcakes of infamy.

“Rebecca, come look, quick!”

“What?” she complained until she turned the corner into the kitchen.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

There were the perfect S’mores cupcakes waiting to be gobbled up by hungry grandkids. The marshmallows looked proud, standing tall in the ganache gracefully covering the top of the delicate cakes.IMG_9389

They say everything happens for a reason. Our cupcakes failed, so that my mom could shine. It was the first time she had cooked for the family since she had been sick. It had been months since she felt herself. With the surgery about 3 weeks behind her, she was finally able to get up and move around for longer periods of time. Long enough to wrestle with the seemingly impossible cupcakes. She did admit that it wasn’t until the second batch of marshmallows that she had success. Prior to being diagnosed with cancer, it would have only taken one batch.


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I am 50+ and mostly proud of it! This is the half-way point of my life. I hunger for knowledge in many different areas. I want to go into the next half with continued good health including physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
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8 Responses to It started out about my daughter, but ended up being about my mom…

  1. Susanne says:

    Love the Lucy and Ethel memory- we’ve all had a few of those.
    In response to your comment about my financial fast- I stocked up on groceries this weekend, but resisted Target and the fabric store. Now, if I can just stay away from all the school supplies at Walmart…

  2. onceuponaurora says:

    That was lovely. My mother is a kind person but rather stoic, so I’m not sure I’d ever see such behavior out of her. She’d likely tell us to suck it up and just remake the things.
    My father died last year on this date. He would tell me to suck it up and not cry over what can’t be helped.
    I’m visiting from the Slice of Life prompt.

  3. Tara Smith says:

    The best part was that your mom’s cupcakes came out perfectly – I think that was the way it was meant to be.

  4. Barb Brown says:

    The time you spent with your daughter making the cupcakes was priceless. You created a memory and time spent laughing together that no one can take away. There is a deeper meaning to this whole story because it was not really about the cupcakes and whether they were made perfectly or not. I hope you gave your mom a kiss for her perfectly made cupcake creations. They looked delicious in the picture. I am sure she feels good about doing something that everyone in her family could enjoy and ooh and ahh about. Barb Brown

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